Concept Bar

A concept bar is something more.

It is a touch that adds a sixth sense to the drinking experience.

Sense is what goes beyhond sight because it is beautiful, it recalls to hearing when pouring and stirring, it includes touch with freshness or heat, smelling changes to the flavors and enhances tasting. Sense is something that tells.

For each type of Concept Bar we create cocktails and thematic drink lists, studying innovative combinations with spirits and champagne, creating original and refined presentations to satisfy every type of consumer's need; we work on food paring, if required, so we can offer a perfect service, from the creation of the atmosphere to the perfect selection for the type of evening and occasion.

Moreover, a concept bar is an original creation tailor made to perfectly fit in the wide and precious frame of the event.

It is the pearl earing of Jan Vermeer’s painting.

flower bar

Concept bar dedicated to the beauty of nature.

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water bar

Non-alcoholic concept bar dedicated to the most precious asset: water.

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A blast from the past, a dip in history.

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Tiki Bar

A concept bar that represents an uncontaminated exotic paradise.

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Champagne Bar

A concept bar for those who want more, luxurious and sophisticated.

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Juice e Smoothie Bar

Quench your desire for summer with this fresh and colorful bar.

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Gipsy Bar

A concept bar that will make you discover the charm of mystery and a magical folklore.

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Bitters and distillates corner

A corner dedicated to after meals where you can rediscover the traditions in a warm and welcoming environment.

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Wonderland Bar

An extraordinary adventure awaits your guests once they enter down the rabbit hole!

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