Beverage Consulting

The beverage consulting was born with the aim of closing the experiential circle within an event. The scenographic aspect, the spectacularization of the preparation and the creation of the drink selection, transform the bar into one of the details that make the event memorable. Our knowledge in this field has evolved over the years to become real consultants who guide customers in the choice of solutions. To make it clear, for The Coca-Cola Company, we created coketails, Coca-Cola based cocktails that have become the signature of a series of events designed by us in every detail.

Beverage consulting is a form of show business: nothing is left to chance, every detail tells a story. From the bar counter to the drink selection, we guide our customers in choosing the perfect experience for their needs. Because bartending is not limited to the simple gesture of drinking, but it is an art based on contrasts and mix perfectly studied.